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Lone yellow rose?

Jun 2019
This yellow rose caught my eye when I was smelling the red roses. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I thought at first that it was another bush, but there were no other yellow ones so I followed the stem. It ended on the same trunk as the red ones! I'm wondering how common this is?

By Signe Danler | Featured Question

Pruning fever, do I have to wait to prune my roses?

Feb 2015
Since the weather is so warm and my roses are already leafing out, is it okay to do my February pruning now?

By Pamela Opfer | Featured Question

Rose pruning, better late or never?

Apr 2014
For the last 8-10 yrs I've been good about pruning my climbing rosebush and its has thrived. This year I didn't get to it in February, as I usually do, now it's April and not looking great. Will it harm the bush if I do my usual pruning in April?

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question