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My spouse may have just killed Jasmine, is there hope?

Oct 2018
I was horrified to find my husband has “pruned” a large Jasmine plant until it is a bunch of sticks with very few leaves. Is there any thing I can do to save it - or is it a goner.

By Claudia Groth | Featured Question

Are my arborvitae goners?

Mar 2018
About 8 years ago we planted arborvitae. They thrived and gained 50% in height and then over the last two years they have slowly started dying. Why are they dying? What variety could we plant that would survive better?

By Amy Grotta | Featured Question

What can I plant to hide my neighbor's junk?

Apr 2017
We are on a one acre lot and would like to plant something along one of our fencelines to hide our neighbor's messy yard from view. We have a lot of deer, so as deer resistant as possible. We can get water there but would prefer something native/natural. (If watering it will make it grow faster, then we'll do it.)

By Signe Danler | Featured Question

Arborvitae root issues, should we dig it?

May 2016
We planted 17 emerald arborvitaes 3 weeks ago. We broke apart the rootball (at the suggestion of an employee at the retailer) and I've since learned that this is bad to do. We are watering regularly and have covered the area with mulch to retain moisture but our trees seem to be yellowing slightly. What can we do to encourage survival? I'm worried we may have shocked them too much. Any type of fertilizer we can use to encourage root growth/provide nutrients?

By Justin Dune | Featured Question