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How can I naturally kill dandelions?

Oct 2019
Is there a solution I can spray on dandelions instead of pulling them up? Not Roundup.... does vinegar, dawn soap and Epson salts work? Or is there a better one?

By Anne Schmidt | Featured Question

Can I turn dirt into lawn by spring, is that possible?

Sep 2019
We are finally moving into our new home. Due to construction issues (lack of water and vehicle damage) most of the grass has died back and there are areas of just dirt. 1. Is there any variety of grass that I can plant now that will grow in the winter? 2. What would be the best material to cover bare areas during the rainy season to mitigate mud. We have dogs.

By Alec Kowalewski | Featured Question

What's a pet-safe way to kill moss in my lawn?

Mar 2019
My lawn has been taken over by moss this winter, and I am wondering if there is a pet-safe moss killer on the market that won't kill my grass also? I have read your materials on moss control, and I plan to utilize this information to maintain a healthier lawn, but I need to get rid of the moss first.

By Kaci Buhl | Featured Question

Will liming help my lawn?

Oct 2018
I live in Portland and I moved into a house in 2016 that was built in 2012. The previous owners had two large dogs that really left some large bare spots in the lawn. I have been working hard to get it into shape. I try to weed and feed the lawn twice a year. I also over seed the bare spots in the early Fall and it worked well. Over last winter, I ...

By Jacki Dougan | Featured Question

How long will my grass clippings be toxic?

May 2018
Once or twice a summer I treat my lawn with weed & feed and spray on weed killer for lawns. Is it safe to use compost made from the lawn clippings? How long should I reasonably wait to use clippings for compost, and is it safe to use the compost in my veggie garden the following summer?

By Linda Brewer | Featured Question

Is there a "no mow" lawn in my future?

Feb 2018
My so-called lawn needs help -- it consists of clumps of grass with bare spots between, My small yard is completely fenced with a large apple tree shading much of it, so the grass gets at most 3 to 4 hours of sun a day. What do you think of "no mow" creeping red fescue? Would I have to have the existing grass rototilled, or could topsoil be brought in and the fescue planted (by seed?) in the bare spots to fill in over time as it grows?

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

My lawn is going to the dogs, what can I do?

Feb 2018
What can I do to neutralize the ground so grass can grow after dog urine destroys it.  

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Featured Question

Why Is My Lawn Dead?

May 2017
My front lawn has completely died off. After the big snowstorm in January, it started to turn yellow in spots and was very wet. Eventually the entire lawn yellowed and died out except the curb strip. But it too is starting to die out, from the sidewalk side. I dug up a 1-ft square area a month ago to see if there were any grubs and there were none, just a ...

By Claudia Groth | Featured Question

Can you help with my lawn of many colors?

Apr 2017
I replanted my front lawn almost 2 years ago with rye grass and since then it has developed sections of lighter colored grass that seem to be spreading, is this a type of "weed" or what. Is there anything I can do to stop/reverse this? Any information is much appreciated.

By Brian McDonald | Featured Question

Do you have a remedy for snow mold?

Mar 2017
Help! The heavy snow left pink and grey snow mold all over my lawn. What are your recommendations for treatment and removal? 

By Toni Stephan | Featured Question