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Pollinator Myths

Pollinators are in peril and have been making headlines. Most of the discussion has been about the honey bee, which accounts for less than one percent of the world's bee population.

Compiled by Richard Little | Jul 2019 | Article

OSU’s Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture earns recognition from national wildlife organization

Everything done at the center takes sustainability into account.

Kym Pokorny | Oct 11, 2019 | News Story

Gardener's Pen

Oregon Master Gardener Association publishes a newsletter, The Gardener's Pen, twice a year.


Klamath Basin Horticulture

Articles related to horticulture in the Klamath Basin


Creating wildlife habitat in your landscape

Want to be a good neighbor to local wildlife? Check out these tips from a conservation specialist to take your "naturescaping" game to the next level!

Rose Clarke, Jon Wagner | May 2019 | Article

5 Cool Bees in Your Garden - Oregon Bee Project

Images and descriptions of bees commonly found in Oregon gardens.

Jul 2019 | Fact Sheet

Is there a bee-safe way to protect fruit trees from insects?

Q: I have honeybees at my dad's house. He wants to spray his fruit trees with Bonide complete tree spray. I don't think I can talk him out of it. Is there any way to minimize the damage? I told him he needs to mow ...

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Learning about forests and native bees

Researchers, forest managers and citizen scientists are working together to discover what native bees live in Oregon forests.

Amy Grotta | Feb 2019 | Article

Honey bee colony loss, herbicide related?

Q: Greetings, I lost 16 out of 20 honey bee hives in Summer Lake valley between October and December of 2018, all were strong hives with at least a deep hive body of surplus honey stores. another beekeeper in the valley ...

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