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Growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest coastal region

Asparagus, beets, carrots and summer squash are some of the vegetables you can grow along the coast. Learn what to watch out for in a region known for cooler temperatures.

By Sally Reill | Article

I have droopy asparagus, what can I do?

We have had a wonderful patch of Jersey Giant asparagus for the past twenty five years. This year, we have something "infecting" a few of the clumps of our asparagus and we can't identify it. It appears to be some kind of wilt or virus?

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question

Should I tame my asparagus or let it run wild?

My asparagus is now at the end of the second year. I picked a few and it has been going wild ever since. My question is what do i do with it? Just let it die back on its own, or do I cut at ground level for winter? I am on the southern coast in Langlois. 

By Scott Thiemann | Featured Question

Asparagus rewards patience

Mar 30, 2012
Once established, asparagus is easy to grow and can last for decades.

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