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Growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest coastal region

Asparagus, beets, carrots and summer squash are some of the vegetables you can grow along the coast. Learn what to watch out for in a region known for cooler temperatures.

By Sally Reill | Article

Must I be bitter about my cucumbers? Can you help me out of this pickle?

Why are some of our cucumbers bitter? We have to peel quite a bit off to get to the sweet meat and even after doing that they are still sometimes bitter.

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Mother Nature may need help to pollinate squash and cucumbers

Aug 1, 2014
Heat-loving squash and cucumber plants will take advantage of hot weather to blossom and set fruit. Successful pollination depends on insect pollinators, such as honeybees and native bees, as well as timing and location.

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Too late for more cucumbers?

I was wondering if it would be too late to plant cucumbers, it seems like we still have 60-70 days left of good weather 

By Pat Patterson, | Featured Question

Cucumber bitterness explained

Jul 26, 2010
Cucurbitacin is cause of cucumber bitter taste

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Wait for soil to warm up to plant cukes

Jun 6, 2008
Wait until your soil warms up about 70 degrees to plant cucumbers.

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