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Vegetable Variety Trials 2017

May 2018
This publication is a compilation of vegetable variety trial notes from field trials conducted at the Oregon State University vegetable farm in Corvallis, Oregon. It contains information on a wide variety of vegetables and focuses on quality characteristics and adaptability to western Oregon.

By Brooke Edmunds | OSU Extension Catalog

El Cultivo de Verduras en el Oregon Central (los Condados de Crook, Deschutes y Jefferson)

Aug 2016
El clima del desierto alto en el Oregon central puede presentar retos para los jardineros a cualquier nivel. Esta guía aporta consejos y técnicas aptos para la región, con el objetivo de darle mayor éxito con su huerto. Se incluyen temas tales como la selección del sitio, la modificación y preparación del suelo, el riego, el manejo de malas hierbas y plagas, la ...

By Amy Jo Detweiler, Toni Stephan | OSU Extension Catalog

Growing Vegetables in Central Oregon (Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties)

Nov 2015
The high-desert climate of Central Oregon can create challenges for any gardener. This guide provides region-specific tips and techniques for more successful vegetable gardens, including topics such as site selection, soil amendment and preparation, irrigation, weed and pest management, seed starting, direct seeding, and season extension. It also contains planting guides for over thirty vegetables commonly grown in Central Oregon.

By Amy Jo Detweiler, Toni Stephan | OSU Extension Catalog

Soil Fertility in Organic Systems: A Guide for Gardeners and Small Acreage Farmers

Jul 2013
This publication discusses the many types of fertilizers and soil amendments available for organic plant production. Fertilizer formulations, nutrient availability, and application practices for common organic products are also explained. While the primary focus is on building and maintaining fertile soil, information about how to protect soil and water resources in this context is included.

OSU Extension Catalog

Short-Season Vegetable Gardening

Dec 1996
Pacific Northwest gardeners often find the climate too short to grow certain vegetables. Two horticulturists explain how to maximize a gardener's chances for success in the face of the vagaries of untimely frosts and snow and lower air and soil temperatures. Soil preparations, protective coverings, and mulches are discussed.

OSU Extension Catalog

Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

Jun 2001
Discusses ways to extend the vegetable gardening season through the fall and winter in mild-winter areas of the Pacific Northwest. Offers suggestions on site selection, planting season, pest control, and ways to protect plants from winter weather. Includes a list of suitable plants, along with planting dates and recommended varieties.

OSU Extension Catalog

Propagating Plants from Seed

Feb 2009
The enjoyment of growing plants can be enhanced by using successful methods. This booklet covers seed selection, starting plants indoors, planting seeds outdoors, and starting both herbaceous and woody plants. Numerous black-and-white photos make this valuable for both new gardeners and experts. Tables suggest methods for starting common vegetables; annuals, potted plants, and ornamental herb seeds; and selected woody plants.

OSU Extension Catalog

Blossom-End Rot of Tomatoes

Aug 2000
Blossom-end rot appears as a large, gray to black spot at the blossom end of the tomato fruit, the end opposite the stem. This publication discusses the causes of blossom-end rot and suggests methods of prevention.

OSU Extension Catalog

An Educator's Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Sep 2011
This publication is a primer on vegetable gardening written specifically for educators, including those who use gardens as part of a nutrition education curriculum. It outlines a full-circle approach to educational gardening, provides a basic introduction to growing produce in an outdoor garden, and includes information on recommended plants and a garden calendar. This publication is ...

By Weston Miller, Gail Langellotto | OSU Extension Catalog

El Riego en los Huertos y Jardines (Watering Vegetable and Flower Gardens)

Aug 2000
Presenta tres maneras de regar que ayudan a sus plantas a crecer sanas y productivas. Explica los métodos de regar a mano, los sistemas de riego por goteo, y los aspersores, y también presenta las deventajas de algunos métodos. Contiene información sobre cuándo se debe regar. También incluye información de tres problemas comunes que se debe evitar, como el agua en exceso.

OSU Extension Catalog