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Betsy Hartley
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Why is our lizard roommate hanging around?

In Astoria, a lizard frequently finds its way into our ground-level apartment, coming in through the adjacent garage. It's been relocated to various places several yards away, and within a week or so, it's back. We're here twice a year for a total of about four to five months each year, and at least...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

How can we help our captive fawn?

A new fawn has been born in our horses 7 acre "dry lot" turnout. I have seen the mother and the little one looks healthy. We live in Central Oregon and the dry lot is primarily Juniper trees and Mustard weed because the horses have eaten any natural grasses. The fence is 4 ft. high so the fawn is...

By Dana Sanchez, | Featured Question

Can I purchase frog eggs?

I noticed a decline in frogs in my pond in Hood River, Oregon. I would like to re-establish them, but I'm not having any luck finding frog eggs to purchase. Any suggestions?

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

How can we save the squirrels?

Recently, when I drove on the road, I saw a squirrel died in the road almost every day! How can we help them avoid being hit by cars?

By Dana Sanchez, | Featured Question

Can I relocate my garden snakes?

Hi! I have thoroughly enjoyed my little black garden snakes for 15+ years - they’ve been in a certain relatively unused area of our yard (stacked rocks, old railroad tie wall, lots of sun). I accidentally exposed 3 little ones - 5 inches maybe - a month or so ago. Now there are the tell tale empty...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

How can I attract amphibians?

I live on the edge of Summer lake. We have a fresh water pond as well. The other day I found a salamander in my compost pile and I was delighted. I was curious if you have any ideas of native plants and habitate development to promote the return of frogs, and other amphibians. I think I hear that...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

How can I protect my duck egg?

We have a pair of Mallards stop by and hang out in our pool for a few weeks every year. Our dogs are used to them and give the ducks a wide berth when they walk by the pool. I just noticed that in the last few hours, the hen laid an egg on the deck by our pool. The egg is in no way in a nest as you...

By Chrissy Lucas | Featured Question

Are frogs out too early this year?

I've noticed the frogs are out of hibernation early in Albany and Corvallis, Oregon. What are the potential impacts of this for frogs and the ecosystem? Can coming out of hibernation in January lead to loss of life for frogs if the weather later freezes again? What do you know about the historical...

By Michael O'Loughlin | Featured Question

How do I handle sparrow bullies?

We have been trying to attract swallows back to our neighborhood, and after 15 years we have a nesting pair in our yard. We have noticed sparrows trying to evict our family of swallows. The babies have not yet fledged, and we are concerned. What can we do?

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

How can I attract toads?

Hello, After doing some research, I found out toads appear to be good pest control for gardens. Some of my research stated to contact a county extension for possible help. I would like to have some toads in my small garden to get rid of some insect pests naturally, but do not want to add an invasive...

By Andrew Durso | Featured Question