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Betsy Hartley
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Participatory Plant Breeding for Dry Farmed Systems

Educational video with information on options for dry farming.

By Amy Garrett, Anne Berblinger, Andrew Still, Laurie McKenzie | Video

Flooded Fields and Drainage Ditches of the Willamette Valley

Flooded fields and drainage ditches of the Willamette Valley / Habitat legacies for native fish and wildlife.

By Guillermo Giannico, | Video

How to Manage Your Forest - Module 2: Management Practices

Next is the Management Practices module which contains eleven more sections, covering a wide array of valuable forest management topics that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.


How to Manage Your Forest - Module 1: Silviculture

Our first module is Silviculture, or the art and science of managing forests to achieve your objectives. We recommend you begin by watching the Introductory Video below, then viewing each of the nine Silviculture sections in the order listed.


Overview on wildlife

This video provides an overview on wildlife from Extension.