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Standards for Bird Control in Vineyards

Birds can feed on ripening grape berries near harvest. Learn how to protect your grapes in a safe and legal manner. Provided by the Oregon Wine Growers Association and Willamette Valley Wineries.

Fact Sheet

Tips for keeping rats out of home and garden

Aug 16, 2019
When neighbors work together to discourage rats, the results are better than going it alone.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Shared habitat: How we can unpack potential wildlife conflicts

Presentation about avoiding conflicts with wildlife in the garden.

By Dana Sanchez, | Presentation

Manage Wildlife Conflicts in Your Home and Garden

Our homes and gardens often overlap with spaces and resources used by wild animals, both native and non-native. A "shared habitat" situation can pose some challenges when the animals' day-to-day activities come into conflict with ours. This publication gives an overview of how and why human-wildlife...

By Dana Sanchez | OSU Extension Catalog

Wildlife Cameras: a snapshot of what you need to know

There are many fun and educational benefits to placing a wildlife camera on your property. With the help of these cameras, you can develop a cumulative list of the diversity of wildlife species found on your property to supplement the wildlife section of your property’s management plan.

By Lauren Grand, | Article

Getting hit high and low: Options for managing bird and vole damage

Blueberry growers must manage several vertebrate pests that pose risks for fruit yield, fruit quality, and plant survival. Many concerns derive from damage by deer, birds, and voles. Basic tactics to...

By Dana Sanchez, | Article