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Crows are eating my slug bait, what can I do?

I have been using slug pellets to control the slug and snail population in the yard with great success. Now the crows are eating every bit of it. The moment I put it out and go inside the crows are in the yard eating it up. Have not found a sick or dead crow in the area. Any suggestions?

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

My foundation is squirrelly, is this bad?

We live next to a hazelnut orchard. Squirrels have tunneled under my house. Should I be concerned about this, what damage can they do and what can I do to get rid of them! During an inspection under the house a year ago I was told that there was a lot of nuts but very little damage!

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

Who is turning my trees into an acorn pantry?

What is killing my tree limbs? It seems that whatever it is, the woodpeckers have a field day then either squirrels or something else is filling in all of the holes caused by the woodpecker with acorns.

By Brad Withrow-Robinson | Featured Question

How can I keep cougars from eating us?

We are looking to buy a house in Corvallis. We are looking at a property near the NE boundary of the OSU lamb barns property. I'm looking for information about cougar/human interactions in that area, specifically with the added risks of having small children, a small dog, and chickens. Also, what...

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

Bambi be Gone!

We live in a rural setting, with deer coming through twice a day. (That we see, anyway!) Can you recommend a good physical structure/repellant plant combination to be able to grow a garden?

By Donald Lauer | Featured Question

Frog serenade not appreciated.

I am new to the area and we bought a house in the city with a water feature that has attracted loud frogs. What might I do to get rid of them this as they are disturbing our needed sleep. 

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

Back to Capistrano Please

What can I do to keep the birds (barn swallows I think) from building the mud nests under the eves--the birds do not bother me but the poop they drop on arrival makes a mess of the side of my shop.

By Dana Sanchez | Featured Question

Who is making my trees holy?

I have two 50-60 foot cedar trees in my yard and both of them are covered in little holes from the base to most of the way up the trunk. Can you tell me what is causing this and how I can save my trees? I lost one a few years back and don't want to lose the others. Any help would be greatly...

By Dave Shaw | Featured Question

Backyard Moles

How can I get rid of moles in my backyard?

By JDD | Featured Question