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Lynn Ketchum
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Can I compost plants with powdery mildew?

Can I compost plants with powdery mildew in the City of Portland's yard debris pickup? I called Metro's Recycling Hotline. The person that I talked to wasn't familiar with powdery mildew, but suggested that I put the infected plants in the garbage rather than the yard debris.

By Jay Pscheidt, | Featured Question

My pears have rust, what can I do?

Last year crop was a total failure due to this. This year I have gently removed close to 6 small fruit starts. I just found some leaves on the pear with these spores. I have been treating the soil and the tree with neem granules, for soil, and neem oil spray for leaves and branches and fruit....

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Is smoking harmful to plants?

We received a handful of tomato starts from a friend who occasionally smokes "at a distance" from their home/family (don't know how far, but goal is to not smell of anything around family/house). How wary/careful should we be about these starts possibly being infected, and if so, what precautionary...

By Ben Beale | Featured Question

I have droopy asparagus, what can I do?

We have had a wonderful patch of Jersey Giant asparagus for the past twenty five years. This year, we have something "infecting" a few of the clumps of our asparagus and we can't identify it. It appears to be some kind of wilt or virus?

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question

Are my arborvitae goners?

About 8 years ago we planted arborvitae. They thrived and gained 50% in height and then over the last two years they have slowly started dying. Why are they dying? What variety could we plant that would survive better?

By Amy Grotta | Featured Question

What is happening to coastal Salal?

The salal surrounding our property in Coos County is turning white, dropping it's leaves and dying. I spoke with the local nursery who was aware of the plight of salal in Coos and Curry County but not able to give me direction on how to treat or clear. I'm hoping you can help me. Is there anything...

By Jay Pscheidt | Featured Question