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Pest Alert: Invasive zebra mussels arrive in Oregon in “moss” balls sold for aquariums

Pest alert! The highly invasive Zebra mussels have made it into Oregon through moss balls, popular among aquarium hobbyists and commonly sold in pet stores.

Adriene Koett-Cronn, Samuel Chan | Mar 2021 | Article

High Speed Hand Washing Basic Lesson Plan

The High Speed Hand Washing Basic Lesson Plan is used to teach the basic technique where hands are lathered up longer and groups can wash hands quicker. It can be used as a pre-curriculum lesson so food safety practices can be modeled during nutrition lessons before food is prepared or served. This lesson can be used indoors or outdoors with youth or adult groups. Adaptations for COVID-19 precautions are included.

Glenda Hyde, Beth Ann Wilson | Jul 2020 | Fact Sheet

Add-on Exercise on Water Infiltration for PSA Module 5.2 Ag Water (V1.2)

The intent of the exercise is for PSA grower course trainees to witness the impact of water infiltration in produce, consider produce safety implications related to post-harvest water quality and think about the importance of managing postharvest water quality.

Jovana Kovacevic, Joy Waite-Cusic, Rebecca Bland | May 2020 | Presentation

Dig into hundreds of publications from OSU Extension online catalog

Have a gardening question? Find an answer in one of OSU Extension's publications.

Kym Pokorny | Nov 22, 2019 | News story

New analysis reveals challenges for drought management in Oregon’s Willamette River Basin

In Oregon’s Willamette River Basin, managing water scarcity would be more effective if conservation measures were introduced in advance and upstream from the locations where droughts are likely to cause shortages, according to a new study.

Chris Branam | Jul 15, 2019 | News story

Sea Grant Extension tells boaters where to go when they have to go

There are approximately 80 locations in the Oregon where recreational boaters can find floating restrooms, pump out their holding tanks or flush away the contents of their portable toilets.

May 2019 | Impact story

Economic analysis provides watershed moment for environmental groups

Economists have found that in the United States, watershed groups have had a positive impact on their local water quality. 

Chris Branam | Oct 11, 2018 | News story