Assessing post-fire survivability of trees and potential for salvage harvesting

This webinar covers a visual method for assessing the survival of trees that have been injured by wildfire. Specifically, we look at:

  • varying levels of damage to tree crowns
  • bole/trunk injuries
  • heat damage at the tree base.

This assessment informs decisions about whether to move forward with timber salvage operation to recoup tree value before it is lost to insects and disease. We also discuss specifically:

  • how salvage operations are conducted
  • equipment used
  • wildlife considerations
  • economics
  • forest practice rules and regulations for salvage harvesting.

Also, we discuss working with a consulting forester to assist you in getting it done. 

Presenters: Glenn Ahrens, OSU Extension Forester; Stephen Fitzgerald, OSU Extension Silviculture Specialist; Joe Goldsby, Oregon Department of Forestry Stewardship Forester; and Rick Barnes, Consulting Forester, Barnes and Associates

Audience: Those affected by wildfire with forestry & natural resources related issues or questions.

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