Basic Stepping

When beginning the stepping exercises, we recommend keeping your chair nearby for support. Be sure your step is sturdy and will not slip. Adjust the step to the lowest level in the beginning; as you get stronger, you can raise the height.

The most basic stepping exercise is to step up onto a step or bench. Facing the bench, step up with right foot, up with left; step down with right foot, down with left. Complete a set leading with the right leg (up right, down right), then do the same number of exercises leading with the left leg (up left, down left). Alternating the lead leg prevents one leg from becoming stronger than the other.

The second stepping exercise involves alternating the stepping sequence. Step onto the bench as before (up right, down right). Then lead the sequence starting with the left leg (up left, down left). Continue stepping (up right, down right; up left, down left) until you complete the desired number of steps

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