The relationship between the Moore Family and OSU Extension began back in 1992, when Bob and his wife Charlee teamed up with our Extension nutrition education volunteer program in the Portland Metro Area to offer cooking classes in his whole grains store. Bob donated all of the proceeds from this successful project back to the OSU Extension volunteer outreach program, led by now-retired Extension Educator Renee Carr.

In 2011, Bob and Charlee Moore donated $5 Million to Oregon State University’s College of Health, creating the Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health, which has a joint mission of research and outreach. Through their philanthropy, an Endowed Outreach Coordinator position was created to link the research of the Center to outreach efforts in our OSU Extension Family and Community Health and 4-H programs.

In 2014, Bob’s Red Mill donated an additional $150,000 to launch the Healthy Communities Outreach project which encouraged our OSU Extension Family and Community Health and 4-H programs to collaborate on innovative community-based projects to promote good nutrition and health in youth and families in all corners of Oregon.

These efforts are sustained today by the generosity of Bob’s Red Mill through ongoing donations of Bob’s Red Mill products shipped across the State to our Extension educators to support their community-based outreach programs.

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