Wildfire risk is not just an issue for land management agencies to tackle; it’s an issue for all of us. Want to learn how you can play a role in facing the threat of wildfires? In this webinar, we introduce our new webinar series that focuses on how you and your community can be the most prepared for fire. Our first webinar will kick off with an introduction to fire risk, community preparedness, and knowing your resources.

Originally aired on March 17, 2021

Presenters: The Oregon State University Extension's Forestry & Natural Resources Fire Program Team


Office of the Oregon State Fire Marshal

Oregon Office of Emergency Management Keep Oregon GreenTrauma informed approachFire Adapted Communities: Understanding Your Role


Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources, Extension Agent and Specialists

Oregon State University, Wildfire ExpertsOregon Department of Forestry, Find a Forester

Oregon Farm Service Agency State and County Office, Contact Information

Natural Resources Conservation Service, Local Service Centers

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Maps & Council Contacts

Call to Action

Just starting out? Start preparing now by reviewing the resources provided above in the webinar resources guide!

If you are further along and have already taken some action in your community to be Fire Prepared – Consider starting a Firewise Community. Get your community to watch the NFPA Community Wildfire Risk Assessment Tutorial.

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