Managing Your Forest with Fire in Mind - Part 2

Last December we offered “Managing Your Forest with Fire in Mind.” In part 2 of this class, Dr. Bailey will dive a little deeper into the topic. Wildfire is emerging as a significant risk to land managers even on the west side of the Cascades, but unlike risks such as ice storms, we can actually proactively mitigate much of the wildfire risk through fuels management. Like a good movie sequel, it isn’t crucial to see the first installment of the series, but you can watch a recording of part 1 online.

Part 2 will expand on the implications of:

  1. The past role of fire, and what that fire history and fire ecology teach us about these forests and fuels management options;
  2. Our management practices of the last century or two that set the stage for these new challenges; and
  3. Updated land management and fuel management practices to adapt to these challenges, with consideration of time and space.

Finally, Dr. Bailey will work through some specific examples organized by forest type/productivity class/landowner objectives… with some numbers and ideas to spur reactions/discussions.

Originally aired on May 18, 2021

Instructor: John Bailey, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Professor, Oregon State University


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