Side Lunges

This is a variation on the forward lunge. In this exercise the direction of the lunge is slightly forward and to the side.

Begin with feet shoulder width apart. Starting with the right leg and keeping your hips facing forward, step to the side keeping hips to the rear and chest forward. The knee and foot should be pointed forward.

You will feel your weight shift in the direction of the lunge and tension in your thigh muscles as you plant your right foot. Next, push off the lunging leg and return to the starting position. Be sure to lift the leg 4-6 inches off the ground to avoid tripping as you return to the starting position. Repeat with the left leg.

Keep your hips square and don’t twist the upper body as you perform this exercise. Remember to keep your knee tracking in line with your foot.

You can modify this exercise by lunging onto a step to minimize the stress on your knee joint. When you lunge onto the step, make sure the step is stable and will not slip as you place your foot on it.

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