Are you interested in replanting native trees for a restoration project? Perhaps you are planning to harvest trees on your property and need some help with replanting techniques and where to find seedlings. Whether you are just getting started and still in the planning phase or merely looking for tips for replanting, this basic reforestation course will help you with: planning and evaluating the site where you want to plant; how to match the right seedlings to your site; ordering seedlings and when to place your order; how to prepare your site for planting; how to handle and plant your seedlings with care; and strategies for future monitoring for animal damage and competing vegetation. Reforestation is the law in Oregon, and the successful completion of this class will equip you with the skillset and necessary resources for success!

Originally aired on May 26, 2020

Dan Stark, Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Agent, Oregon State University, Astoria, OR.


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