Wildfire in Your Forest Future & What You Can Do About It

How important is wildfire risk in your neighborhood? Is it getting worse? Is there really anything you can do to change it, especially when there are thousands of public and private acres beyond your control? Attend this class to get some answers. Westside or east-side in Oregon, there are conflicting reports about wildfire risks, forest conditions, and management strategies for fire. For good answers, we seek the knowledge of those who are most experienced and well-informed: fire scientists and firefighters. Your instructor for this class is both, having studied fire science and fought wildfires for over 40 years. He will improve your understanding of wildfire in your forest and how to change fire behavior (if needed) locally and across your landscape.

Originally aired on May 12, 2020

Instructor: Daniel Leavell, Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Agent, Oregon State University, Klamath Falls, OR.


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