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2018 Master Food Preserver Manual (pdf. documents)

NOTE: All of these documents were updated or reprinted as of February or March 2016, unless otherwised noted.  A list of all changes made to the Manual AFTER March 2017 can be found in the document below listed as CHANGES.

CHANGES (list of all changes made to Manual after 3/2017)

2018 Volunteer Letter

Manual Front and Back Cover

1. Table of Contents

•TOC, Publications in Numerical Order

Section Cover Sheets

2. Tips for Volunteers

Volunteer Dos and Don’ts (SP 50-651)
Volunteers as Teachers (SP 50-467)
Hints for Answering the Telephone (SP 50-530)
Mastering A Demonstration (SP 50-592)
Staffing Information Booths (SP 50-650)

3. Keeping Food Safe to Eat - Food Safety

You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness (PNW 250)
Botulism (SP 50-490)
•E. coli Bacteria (SP 50-747)

•We Wish You Well (SP 50-771)
•It Must Have Been Something I Ate (SP 50-784)
Summer Food Safety (SP 50-814)
Kitchen Cleanliness (SP 50-837)
Food Safety Tips for Pregnant Women, Infants, and Young Children (SP 50-838)
Food Safety Tips for Older Adults (SP 50-872)
•Food Irradiation (SP 50-825)
Defining Genetically Engineered Organisms in Agriculture (OSU College of Agriculture)
•Food Safety Regulation (SP 50-930)
•Raw Milk May Pose Health Risk (FDA – March 2011)
•Home Pasteurization of Raw Milk (SP 50-932)
Shipping Food Gifts (SP 50-933)
•Molds on Foods (SP 50-934)
•Turkey Basics (SP 50-1000)

4. Preservation Problem Solving - Food Safety

•Tips for Critical Thinking (SP 50-834)
•Refrigerated Foods (SP 50-540)
•Safety of Canned Food that Freezes (SP 50-695)
If Your Freezer Stops (SP 50-470)
•Cost of Preserving and Storing Food (SP 50-939)

5. Critical Canning Steps – Food Safety

•Guidelines for Evaluating Safety (SP 50-776)
Products Requiring Acidification: Tomatoes (SP 50-748)
Products Requiring Acidification: Figs and Asian Pears (SP 50-749)
High Acid Foods: Fruits (SP 50-750)
High Acid Foods: Quick and Fermented Pickles (SP 50-751)
Low Acid Foods: Vegetables, Meats, Poultry, Fish (SP 50-752)

6. Food Preservation Principles

•Ways Food is Preserved (SP 50-493)
Science of Food Preservation (SP 50-714)
•pH Value of Various Foods (SP 50-1001)
•Using Preserved Foods Safely (SP 50-494)
•Food Preservation Resources (SP 50-923)

7. Canning – Equipment/Miscellaneous

•Using and Caring For Your Pressure Canner (PNW 421)
•Safely Canning Foods - Pressure Canners, Pressure Cookers, and Electric Pressure Cookers
- EM9152 (PDF)
Canning Equipment (SP 50-495)
Guidelines for Steam Canners - (SP 50-1004)
•Pressure Canner Use and Care (SP 50-649)
Should I Vacuum Package Food at Home? (SP 50-603)
•Processing in a Canner (SP 50-946)
•How Much to Can (SP 50-947)

8. Canning – Fruits and Vegetables

•Canning Vegetables (PNW 172)
•Canning Fruits (PNW 199)
Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products (PNW 300)
Salsa Recipes For Canning (PNW 395)
•The Laws of Salsa (SP 50-1003)
•Fruit Pie Fillings (SP 50-616)
Fruit and Vegetable Yield Chart (SP 50-712)
Pressure Canning Fruits (SP 50-716)
•Canned Vegetables – Problems and Solutions (SP 50-742)
Canned Fruits and Tomatoes – Problems and Solutions (SP 59-743)

9. Canning – Seafood, Meat, Poultry and Game

•Canning Seafood (PNW 194)
Canning Meat, Poultry and Game (PNW 361)
•Canning Smoked Fish at Home (PNW 450)
•Canned Meats, Poultry and Fish – Problems and Solutions (SP 50-741)
Filleting Tuna For Canning (SP 50-739)
•Canning Tuna Fact Sheet (SP 50-1002)
•Canning Fish in Quart Jars (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

10. Canning – Pickling

•Pickling Vegetables (PNW 355)
•Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use (PNW 183)
Analyzing Pickle Recipes (SP 50-464)
Pickle Fact Sheet (SP 50-466)
Fruit Pickles and Chutney (SP 50-757)
•Low Salt Pickles (SP 50-533)
Flavored Vinegars (SP 50-736)
Canned Pickles and Relishes – Problems and Solutions (SP 50-744)
•Canned Sauerkraut – Problems and Solutions (SP 50-745)
Fermentation - UC Davis (2015) 

11. Freezing

•Home Freezing of Seafood (PNW 586)
•Freezing Fruits and Vegetables (PNW 214)
•Freezing Convenience Foods (PNW 296)
•Frozen Food Storage Guide (SP 50-711)
•Foods That Do Not Freeze Well (SP 50-766)

12. Jams, Jellies Preserves

•Fruit Butters (SP 50-304)
•Remaking Soft Jellies (SP 50-604)
•Making Berry Syrups at Home (SP 50-632)
•Uncooked Freezer Jams (SP 50-763)
Making Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Spreads (SP 50-764)
Low Sugar Fruit Spreads (SP 50-765)
•Jams, Jellies, and Preserves With No Added Pectin (SP 50-777)
•Canned Jams and Jellies – Problems and Solutions (SP 50-746)
•Sweeteners - Nutritive and Non-Nutritive (SP 50-935)
Pectin Facts (SP 50-808)

13. Drying – Fruits and Vegetables

•Drying Fruits and Vegetables (PNW 397)
•Enjoying Home Dried Fruits and Vegetables (SP 50-587)
•Drying Herbs (SP 50-921)
•Making Dried Fruit Leather (FS 232)

14. Smoking, Curing, Drying – Meats and Fish

•Making Jerky at Home (PNW 632)
•Smoking Fish at Home (PNW 238)
•Curing and Smoking Poultry Meat (SP 50-693)
•Summer Sausage Tips (SP 50-735)

15. Preserving Specific Foods - Fruits

•Preserving Apples (SP 50-446)
•Preserving Fruit Juices and Apple Cider (SP 50-455)
•Preserving Berries (SP 50-780)
•Preserving Wild Berries and Fruits (SP 50-536)
•Preserving Cherries (SP 50-883)
•Preserving Figs (SP 50-648)
•Preserving Kiwifruits (SP 50-832)
•Preserving Peaches (SP 50-444)
•Preserving Pears (SP 50-678)
•Preserving Asian Pears (SP 50-694)
•Preserving Plums and Prunes (SP 50-586)
•Preserving Rhubarb (SP 50-882)
•Preserving Cranberries (SP 50-929)

16. Preserving Specific Foods - Vegetables

Making Garlic- and Herb-Infused Oils at Home (PNW 664)
Herbs and Vegetables in Oil (SP 50-701)
•Preserving Green, Italian, or Wax Beans (SP 50-445)
Preserved Dried Beans (SP 50-955)
Preserving Corn (SP 50-443)
•Preserving Garlic (SP 50-645)
•Preserving Mushrooms (SP 50-919)
•Preserving Peas and Edible Pea Pods (SP 50-305)
•Preserving Peppers (SP 50-454)
•Preserving Summer Squash (SP 50-447)
•Preserving Pumpkins and Winter Squash (SP 50-767)
•Preserving Tomatoes (SP 50-920)
•Preserving Tomatillos (SP 50-768)
•Horseradish (SP 50-793)

17. Preserving Specific Foods – Nuts

•Drying and Roasting Seeds (SP 50-534)
•Harvesting, Handling & Storing Nuts from the Home Orchard (FS 146)

18. Food Preservation - Miscellaneous

Fresh Cheese Made Safely (PNW539)
Preserving for Special Diets (SP 50-646)
Canned Lemon Curd (SP 50-922)
Canning Breads and Cakes (SP 50-928)
Canning Soups (SP 50-931)
Preserving Food with Help From Your Microwave (SP 50-538)
Yogurt Made Simple (FS173E)

19. Food Storage/Emergency Preparedness

•Storing Food for Safety and Quality (PNW 612-E)
•Storing Pumpkin and Winter Squash at Home (EC 1632/SP 50-713)
•Vegetable and Fruit Storage Guide (SP 50-717)
•Guidelines for Refrigeration of Foods (SP 50-677)
•Recommended Storage Times (SP 50-831)
•Storage of Grain and Legumes at Home (SP 50-836)
•Dates on Food Products (SP 50-877)
•Food Storage for Emergencies (SP 50-833)
•Water Storage for Emergencies (SP 50-835)

20. Other Publications (Additional publications recommended by MFP Faculty)

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