Gardening Tips

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Drought-tolerant Ceanothus makes a beautiful addition to the garden
These evergreen shrubs are highly prized for their blue blooms
Dalliance with dahlias leads to 34-year love affair
Great variety gives gardeners plenty to choose from
Grow your own strawberries for sweet satisfaction
Save money and get the best berries from your own garden
Expert tips for growing kiwifruit
With some attention kiwi vines can bear 100 pounds of fruit
Meyer lemons
Pucker up, it’s time to talk lemons
With heavenly scent and sweet flavor, Meyer lemons are a favorite
Cat in the garden
How to keep frustrating felines out of the garden
Plant a fork forest or lay some netting to help keep kitty out
'Goshiki' false holly
Give the garden a facelift with 6 shrubs sporting dramatic foliage
Pepper the landscape with spicy shrubs
Soil thermometer
Stick a thermometer in the soil before planting vegetables
Wait until it gets to the appropriate temperature before planting
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Practice the good neighbor policy in the garden: Try companion planting
There are many advantages of having certain plants side by side
Sweep wood ash from fireplace to garden
Take precautions when applying ash