Gardening Tips

Learn more about gardening with our Gardening Tips.

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Seize some seeds from the garden for planting next year
Have some fun and save some money by harvesting seeds
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Be safe: Develop good habits from garden to table
Foodborne illness can come from our homegrown produce
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Clematis climb into a special place in the garden
Plant deeply, water well and keep roots cool for a thriving plant
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Give bees a chance by knowing their needs
Having diversity in garden plantings helps pollinators
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Eclipse watch: How will plants and critters respond?
A period of darkness could influence behavoir
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Tips and tricks to save water during a hot summer
Prolonged heat wave amps up need for water in the garden
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Sand, silt or clay? Texture says a lot about soil
Clay is not as bad as you might think, as long as it has organic material
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Evergreen Hebes perform colorfully in the garden
Plants with small leaves tend to be more cold hardy
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Fight fires with appropriate landscaping
Create defensible space around your home to help keep wildfires at bay
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Start now to reap vegetables in fall
Seeds and transplants should be planted in summer