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LC MG 2016 Final Report

Master Gardener Upcoming Roundtables:

The Master Gardener Round Table is free to all, but please call the OSU Extension Office at 541-574-6534, ext. 57411, to ensure adequate seating and materials. Class size is limited so register early!

April 20th Native Bees/Honey Bees Andony Melathopoulos & Anne Schatz

Bees, their health status, life styles and importance, are fascinating subjects of the next Master Gardener Round Table, 10 a.m. to noon, Thursday, April 20, at the Newport OR Coast Community College.

Dr. Andony Melanthopoulos, director of the OSU Pollinator Health Program, and Anne Schatz, founding member of the Newport Central Coast Beekeepers and a pollinator and plant enthusiast, will offer most of the information you may need to encourage, protect and appreciate Oregon bees.

To join us at this free educational event, please call the OSU Extension office, 541-574-6534, to assure seating and materials.

May 4th Vegetable Gardening Sally Reill & Claudette Schroeder

On Thursday, May 4, the Lincoln County Master Gardeners Round Table series will present its most requested program, "Growing Vegetables Along the Central Oregon Coast".  This timely and informative event will take place at the Newport OCCC campus from 10 a.m. until noon.

Sally Reill and Claudette Schroeder, highly experienced and knowledgeable vegetable gardeners, will offer techniques and best tips to make growing a vegetable garden in our cool maritime climate easier and more successful.

Helpful handouts with recommended vegetable varieties will be available.  Sally exclaims, "If you have questions, we have answers!"

To join us at this free educational event, please call the OSU Extension office, 541-574- 6534, to assure seating and materials.

Attending “Growing Vegetables Along the Central Oregon Coast” will also help in choosing and purchasing a wide variety of healthy, locally grown vegetable starts, native, ornamental and herbal plants at the annual Master Gardener Garden Sale. This popular sale, featuring our greatest selection ever, will be held on Saturday, May 20, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Lincoln County Fairgrounds Main Event building. 

A list of future Round Table topics, dates and times is available on line at: or by calling the Extension office.

LCMGA Annual Spring Plant Sale  Saturday May 20, 2017

9:00an-2:00pm at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds

International Master Gardener Conference-July 10-14, 2017 in Portland, Oregon. 

Open to the public not just Master Gardeners.

There is a great line up of speakers, presentations, tours, vendor exhibits, activities and much more.


Registration for the 2017 Master GardenerTM is now closed

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What is the Master Gardener program?

Who are Master Gardeners?

How can I become a Master Gardener?

How much does it cost?

How do I pay back the 60 hours?

How do I apply?

How long may I be a Master Gardener?



OSU Master Gardeners in Newport, Oregon

What is the Master Gardener program?

Lincoln County office of OSU Extension Service receives more than 5,000 requests for home gardening information annually.  To provide information and answer residents’ questions, Extension enlists the assistance of Master Gardener volunteers. Begun in 1982, the Master Gardener program teaches and trains volunteers to answer questions in person, by phone or by email.  Many new residents to Lincoln County experienced and inexperienced gardeners are interested in receiving local gardening advice. The Master Gardener program is designed for volunteers to help home gardeners in diagnosing plant and insect related problems, soil preparation, plant maintenance and propagation, correct pruning methods, identifying plants, and selecting appropriate plant materials for coastal gardening. Volunteers do not need to know all the answers, but where to find them! The program teaches volunteers how to answer questions using sources of gardening information available through state and local publications, education programs and workshops, research conducted at Oregon State University, and the Extension Service.  It provides Master Gardeners with tools to become better gardeners, an awareness of sustainable gardening practices, an opportunity to give service to others, and to become part of a network of fellow, like minded gardeners.

In spite of budget constraints and reduced staffing, the Master Gardener program continues to grow.  Enthusiastic volunteers serve an increasingly larger audience of home gardeners as more residents enjoy the benefits of home gardening.


Who are Master Gardeners?

Master Gardeners are volunteers who receive sustainable gardening and home horticultural training from Oregon State University Extension Specialists, agents and other Master Gardeners, and who want to share their gardening skill and training with others.

How can I become a Master Gardener?

Potential Master Gardeners are not required to have a gardening experience but rather the yearning and motivation to learn and to garden. However, they must be willing to spend one day a week for ten consecutive weeks during January, February, and March for a total of 70 hours of classroom instruction. They must agree to payback 60 hours during their Apprentice year in volunteering gardening information, public service, and contribute to social learning with other Master Gardeners.  National recertification is 30 hours annually in subsequent years.

How much does it cost?

Each new Master Gardener who is accepted for training must pay $200 to cover the cost of the Master Gardener reference notebook, class materials, and class expenses.

How do I pay back the 60 hours?

A minimum or 30 hours is spent at the Extension office Plant Clinic Help Desk answering gardening questions. Additional 30 hours can be achieved by staffing a booth at one of our Farmers Markets, taking a shift at the annual Spring Garden Sale and the remainder of those hours implementing an educational project at one of our 5 demonstrations gardens in Newport, Lincoln City and Yachats.

How do I apply?

The Master Gardener program is a great way to be involved in the enhancement of the community and to meet new friends with the same interests. Follow the links below to know more or to apply to become a Master Gardener.

Alternatively you can call our Lincoln County Extension Office at 541-574-6534 to receive an application by mail. Return it to the Lincoln County Extension Office, 1211 SE Bay Boulevard, Newport, OR 97365

How long may I be a Master Gardener?

You may use the title Master Gardener when interacting with the public as long as you recertify annually. A few have remained active since the first class was held in 1982. Others have remained active since their training. Many become members of the Lincoln County Master Gardener Association. This association holds monthly meetings to become better acquainted with each other, to have fun, to gain additional knowledge, and to plan community and educational gardening activities.

Click here for videos and information about how to detect, trap and identify the spotted wing drosophila fly


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