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The Master Gardener TM Program is an Oregon State University Extension Service program that helps Oregon gardeners learn more aboutMaster Gardeners the art and science of growing and caring for plants. It also enables these trained volunteers to extend garden information to the community through educational outreach programs.

What Kind of Training Do Master Gardeners Receive?

Master Gardeners receive in-depth training in horticulture from Oregon State University Extension Service Agents and professional staff. As part of the training, Master Gardeners are required to volunteer a certain number of hours, working in community programs sponsored by OSU Extension. Successful graduates of the training become Certified Master Gardeners after they complete their volunteer service. Many choose to continue as active Master Gardener volunteers, working with the OSU Extension office and our local Master Gardener Association. 

What Kinds of Things Do Master Gardeners Do?

Master Gardeners work in a variety of areas including; answering gardening related questions in Josephine County’s Master Gardener Plant Clinic, staffing information booths at county fairs and other public events, and sponsor educational events including our “Spring Garden Fair” and “Home Garden Seminar”. They have helped design and establish the “Options Community Garden”, the Three Rivers Healing Garden and are currently helping create an authentic “Turn of The Century Garden” at the Schmidt House Historical Society Museum.

Master Gardeners Plant Clinic

During the year we have certified master gardeners in the OSU Extension Office answering plant questions year round.  If you have any questions about gardening, landscaping, composting, insects, plant disease, or related topics call 476-6613 or visit the Extension Office.  Please see our schedule times below.  

 Summer Hours:   April-Oct 31th  Monday-Thursday 9am to 3pm
 Winter Hours:  Nov-March  Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 2pm


2019 Master Gardener Paper Application. Will not be accepted in office untill OCT 1, 2018


2018 Master Gardener Online Training :  if you are unable to participate in the regular Master Gardener training you may be interested in the new Online Master Gardener Course offered through OSU.  Please go to: to find out more.


Soil Testing Information  (Note- we do not do soil testing at the Extension Office)

For Master Gardeners:

Master Gardener Program Forms

Log Sheet for Volunteer Hours

Master Gardener Program Policies

Master Gardener Volunteer Resources and Volunteer Reporting System

Volunteer Recordkeeping System Update 2017

 Master Gardener New Project Review Form

Josephine County Master Gardener Association Link



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Master Gardeners



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