Linn County Fair 2015

"Country Fun Under The Summer Sun"

Stay tuned for record book and fair information...coming soon!

Record Book Checks - REQUIRED to participate in Fair!

SWINE PEDV information

Auction & Buyer information

Youth Livestock Auction Rules - Revised January, 2015

Camping Information - Revised July 11, 2014

Linn County Fairbook 2014

  • 4-H/FFA Show Schedule
  • Horse Schedule: June 30th - July 6th
  • General 4-H/FFA Fair Policies
  • Admission and Parking
    • Each participating 4-H member will receive a season admission pass. Each family will receive one adult season pass. Leaders, advisors, and superintendents will receive only one pass. One free parking pass will also be issued. Access to special arena events and concerts are not included with the pass
    • Passes may be picked up at the 4-H Fair Office (trailer located between the arena and livestock barn)
    • Special 4-H Season Passes may be purchased at the Fair Office – Adults $15 & Youth age 12 and under are free. Passes may be purchased at the Fair Office.
  • How to Register for Fair
  • Biosecurity
  • Record Book Guide
  • Camping Reservation Form
    • Camping Permit
    • Camping Fee: $40 for campers, trailers and stock trailers, $20 for tents. Fee is for the week. Electricity will be available at some campsites. Make checks payable to Linn County Fair & Expo. Fee must be paid at time reservations are made (due with fair entry by June 6th).
  • Linn County 4-H/FFA Youth Exhibitor Agreement (Required by ALL Animal Members in 2014)
  • 10th Annual Open Gaming Play Day-
  • Animal Show Policies
  • Cloverbud Entry Form
  • Dog
    • Dog Entry Form
  • Horse
    • Horse Entry Form
  • Large Animals
    • Beef Entry Form
    • Dairy Cattle Entry Form
    • Dairy Goat Entry Form
    • Meat Goat Entry Form
    • Pack Goat Entry Form
    • Pygmy Goat Entry Form
    • Sheep Entry Form
    • Swine Entry Form **Reminder - $5.00 (payable to Livestock Leaders) per exhibitor due with Swine entries**
    • Herdsmanship Score Card
  • Small Animals
    • Cat Entry Form
    • Cavy Entry Form
    • Egg Entry Form
    • Other Fowl Form
    • Poultry Entry Form
    • Pigeon & Dove Entry Form
    • Rabbit Entry Form
  • Static Exhibit Area General Rules
    Explanation Cards -  http://oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/projects
    Exhibit Tags - These will be preprinted and available to pick up Monday, July 14 at the fair.
  • Engineering
    • Engineering Entry Form
  • Expressive Arts
    • Art Entry Form
    • Cake Entry Form
    • Fiber Arts Entry Form
    • Leathercraft Entry Form
    • Photography Entry Form a maximum of six photos with no more than two per class will be allowed. Club exhibits do not count towards the number of total exhibits.
  • Home Economics
    • Clothing, Knitting and Crocheting Entry Form
    • Food & Nutrition Entry Form- include Favorite Foods and Table Setting on this entry form
    • Food Preservation Entry Form
    • Favorite Foods Contest
      DIVISION: All
      In this contest, the 4-Her prepares the food at home. Only non-perishable foods will be allowed. (Hint: if the left-overs need refrigeration, then the food is not allowed).
      The contestant will set one complete place setting with appropriate service featuring the favorite food as one of the menu items. They will need to explain to the judge why it is a favorite food of theirs. A menu card is required as part of the table setting.
      Emphasis in this contest will be placed on the nutritional value of the food and menu, the contestants knowledge of nutrition and the established theme of the table setting.
    • Table Setting Contest
    • Home Environment Entry Form
  • Horticulture
    • Horticulture Entry Form
  • Natural Sciences
    • Natural Sciences Entry Form
  • Communications
    • Communications Entry Form
  • FFA
  • Auction

Linn County Fair & Expo website

Auction and Buyer information 

State Fair 2015

State Fair Details for Exhibiting Letter

Entry Form

State Fair Fairbook


All participants must fill out the following:

Livestock Exhibitors must ALSO fill out  Animal Science Agreement

Health Form

Code of Conduct



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