4-H Youth Development

Credit: Oregon 4-H (Cropped from original)

What is 4-H?

With more than 6 million members, 4-H is the largest out-of-school youth program in the United States. 4-H empowers young people to find what Sparks their curiosity, learn skills and leadership, and impact their communities. 4-H is over 100 years old, and began as a way for new agricultural developments to be shared with young people in rural communities

The idea of practical and “hands-on” learning came from the desire to connect public school education to country life. Building community clubs to help solve agricultural challenges was a first step toward youth learning more about the industries in their community.

Today, 4-Hers can learn about robotics, coding, agriculture, animal science, art, music, and more. Recently, a 4-H'er in Jefferson County got approval to help build a skate park in his community. The list of potential sparks is endless! What will you decide to pursue in 4-H?

Photo by Lynn Ketchum (Cropped from original)

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