4-H Youth Development

Credit: Amanda Loman (Cropped from original)

4-H'ers learn by doing.

Over 100 years ago, 4-H began as a way for new agricultural developments to be shared with young people in rural communities, ensuring all Americans have the opportunity to benefit from the research conducted by their public universities. Building community clubs to help solve agricultural challenges was a first step toward youth learning more about the industries in their community.

Today, Oregon 4-H continues this legacy by creating educational opportunities for kids in every Oregon county. We teach agriculture and animal science to over 10,000 Oregon kids each year, and we also do more—a whole lot more!

Oregon State University is one of only three land, sea, space and sun grant universities in the United States. So today, Oregon 4-H'ers can learn about rocketry, robotics, entomology, honey bees, forestry, art, conservation, and more. We believe everybody deserves access to an education that transforms their lives—and that means you, too. Join a local 4-H Club today


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Photo: Alyson Yates (Cropped from original)

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