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Communication projects

Do you talk to friends? Take part in a school play? Write reports? Read books? Share your own photos and videos from your smart phone? If you do, you’re communicating! The world of communication impacts you every day. By participating in the 4-H Communication project, you will explore the exciting world of communication, and learn more about yourself and others.

  • Learn written, oral, and visual communication skills
  • Develop self-confidence through public presentations
  • Practice self-expression and creativity
  • Learn how to organize and present information

Communications is open to all members enrolled in 4-H. It can be taken as a project or can be used in conjunction with any other project. There are three project area with in the communication arena: Presentations, Educational Displays and Videography. Some counties may have additional opportunities in Communications such as journalism, Junior Toastmasters, or others.

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