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Invasive Plants of Eastern Oregon and Alternative Natives and Ornamentals

When deciding upon which plants will be used in your garden or landscaping project it’s important to avoid selecting species that are considered invasive. This publication provides several examples of invasive plants for our area, specifically for zones 5 and 6 of the United States Department of Agriculture’s “hardiness zones” chart.

By Mary Corp

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In the egg, American bullfrogs learn how to avoid becoming lunch

Jul 5, 2017
Bullfrogs are implicated in the decline of many native species

By Chris Branam
Jul 5, 2017

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In droughty Klamath Falls, watering trees may help defend against bronze birch borer

Jun 29, 2017
Symptoms of the voracious insect appear for the first time in Klamath Falls

By Gail Wells
Jun 29, 2017

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Skunking the stink bug: discover the latest in sustainable management in orchards

Jun 30, 2016
Orchardists can minimize damage through integrated pest management

By Gail Wells
Jun 30, 2016

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I am bamboozled, help!

Greetings - any tips or resources on helping rid, or at least control creeping bamboo? Digging up is partially helpful here, but a water pipe located below the main plant makes it problematic. Mainly want to control the shoots. Seems like repeated applications of Round Up is the most common...

By Pat Patterson