OSU Extension Projects



Croptime introduces degree-day (DD) models for vegetable varieties and weeds. Vegetable models can help schedule planting dates and predict harvest dates.


Meeting State PE and Health Standards and Policies with BEPA 2.0!

BEPA 2.0 is a classroom-based physical activity program aligned to Health and Physical Education standards. BEPA 2.0 can be used in and outside of the classroom and before, during, or after school to increase children’s physical activity time at school.

Classroom teachers can use BEPA 2.0 to help them meet requirements associated with Oregon's new law regarding physical education minute-per-week minimums. Oregon Physical Education ORS 329.496


Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculators

This free online tool compares the nutrient value and cost of cover crops, organic and synthetic fertilizers and compost. Use this calculator to develop well balanced and cost effective nutrient management programs for your farm.


Soil Quality Network

The Soil Quality Network is a three-year project to create a database, develop a website, and train agricultural professionals in soil quality assessment, education program development and strategies to support farmers.