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How do I collect a soil sample for testing?

Collecting a soil sample for testing is easy. In this video, Dennis Brown, OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer, Portland Metro Area, demonstrates how to take a soil sample in the garden. Video courtesy of Dennis Brown and Dave Meeker.

Dennis Brown, Dave Meeker | Apr 2021 | Video

Building community for wildfire resilience (Recorded)

Fire doesn’t stop at property lines so we must create resilient landscapes as a community. Different communities, different ways to prepare for wildfire. Listen to five panelists from all over Oregon and learn about the way they have come together to reduce fuels and mitigate fire risk.

Carrie Berger | Apr 2021 | Video

Should I wait to set out my bird feeders this spring?

Q: I took down my bird suet feeders in response to the avian salmonella outbreak. When will it be safe to put them out again?

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OSU Extension uses statewide network to encourage participation in vaccinations

Efforts include volunteering at mass vaccination clinics, using the OSU Extension website to curate credible vaccine information and provide local access and eligibility details, and working closely with state and local partners to ...

Chris Branam | Apr 12, 2021 | News story

Wildfire Wednesdays: From the home to the landscape (Recorded)

This webinar reviews practical steps you and your neighbors can do on your own properties before fire season.

Carrie Berger | Apr 2021 | Video

Picking up baby birds can do more harm than good

Identifying the age of a bird is crucial in how you deal with one that's on the ground.

Kym Pokorny | Apr 9, 2021 | News story

OSU releases new, antioxidant-rich purple tomato

“We were selecting for a really dark Indigo-type processing tomato,” Myers said. “Ultimately, we got a really nice one."

Kym Pokorny | Apr 9, 2021 | News story