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Wristband samplers show similar chemical exposure across three continents

Apr 22, 2019
Oregon State University researchers deployed chemical-sampling wristbands to individuals on three continents and found that no two wristbands had identical chemical detections – but the same 14 chemicals were detected in more than 50 percent of the wristbands.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Master gardeners share stories of missteps and successes

Apr 18, 2019
Three gardeners recount their hits and misses.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

4-H Youth Development in Marion County

Overview of the 4-H Youth Development program in Marion County.

By Mary Stewart, Michael Calcagno | Video

Community Horticulture in Marion County

A 2-minute overview of the Extension Community Horticulture Program in Marion County.

By Mary Stewart, Michael Calcagno | Video

Marion County Spotlight

Out There. Working in Marion County


Family and Community Health Marion County

The family and community health program in Marion County serves the broad community primarily through partnerships with other health professionals and agencies where OSU Extension faculty and volunteers serve as advisors and educators.

By Mary Stewart, Michael Calcagno | Video

How can I keep crows and jays from being hogs?

Do you have a seed type recommendation or other techniques and strategies for discouraging crows and jays from monopolizing my feeders. These corvids scratch all the seed out onto the ground and chase away the songbirds I'm trying to serve.

By Dana Sanchez, | Featured Question