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Sheep Management Calendar

A management calendar of suggested practices to follow is useful to the beginning as well as experienced producers in managing the sheep flock.

By James M. Thompson | Article

Rangeland Monitoring

Monitoring is a process that land managers can use to assess how management decisions affect rangeland and natural resource health.

By Chris Schachtschneider, | Article

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OSU researchers propose CRISPR as influencer of low genetic diversity in deadly bacteria

Oct 18, 2018
Scientists at Oregon State University have shed light on the evolutionary history of a soil-borne bacteria that is so dangerous to grazing animals it is kept behind lock-and-key to prevent its spread.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Desert bighorn sheep are crossing Interstate 40 in California

Jun 5, 2018
Desert bighorn sheep are able to climb steep, rocky terrain with speed and agility. New research shows that they can cross a four-lane highway.

By Chris Branam | News Story

OSU bighorn sheep research sheds light on path of killer disease

Apr 6, 2017
Once a herd is infected, an all-age die-off can occur

By Chris Branam | News Story

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To graze or not to graze that is my question.

I have a small dairy goat farm, and at the moment have 5 adult does plus 2 donkeys. In the winter they are confined to the paddock around the barn, but in spring I begin rotating them between 3 small pastures, one to two acres in size. In July, after hay harvest I let them out onto the 7 acre cut...

By Shelby Filley, | Featured Question