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Shelby FIlley
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To graze or not to graze that is my question.

I have a small dairy goat farm, and at the moment have 5 adult does plus 2 donkeys. In the winter they are confined to the paddock around the barn, but in spring I begin rotating them between 3 small pastures, one to two acres in size. In July, after hay harvest I let them out onto the 7 acre cut...

By Shelby Filley, | Featured Question

What are the costs for urban goats?

I live in Eugene, and am interested in keeping 2 mini-Nubians goats. Do you have any information available on expected expenses of keeping this breed (in town) per year? I'm wondering about both initial expenses (such as fencing, shelter, climbing toys, milk buckets and jars, etc.) and continuing...

By Chrissy Lucas | Featured Question

Is permanent marker bad for my sheep?

We have a small farm with 10 sheep and with winter coming and left over garden produce have questions on what we can feed our sheep. Three are hopefully pregnant so want to be careful what we feed them. We got some pumpkins that have ink and permanent marker decor on them and concerned about the ink...

By Shelby Filley | Featured Question

Goat getting my goat.

I have a six month old dwarf Nigerian billy goat. What is the proper way to castrate him at this age? He is starting to get really stubborn. Thank you.

By Claire Sponseller | Featured Question