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Network of Oregon Watershed Councils

The Network of Oregon Watershed Councils is a statewide non-profit organization that supports the work of Oregon’s community-based watershed councils. Located in the state capital of Salem in the northwest corner of the U.S., the Network serves some 90 councils across the state through training, conferences, and networking events, by providing a voice with agencies and funders, by tracking important issues, and by helping councils learn from each other to increase their efficiency and impact.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Ecological Effects of Tide Gate Upgrade or Removal: A Literature Review and Knowledge Synthesis

This document reports on findings, conclusions and recommendations derived from scientific literature and knowledge regarding the effectiveness of tide gate removal or upgrade in improving conditions for Oregon’s native migratory fish species.


Flooded Fields and Drainage Ditches of the Willamette Valley

Flooded fields and drainage ditches of the Willamette Valley / Habitat legacies for native fish and wildlife.

By Guillermo Giannico

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