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Grape variety identification

This article describes how to identify grape varieties for commercial or home/hobby vineyards and landscapes.

By Patricia Skinkis

Online Resource

Home Orchard Society

If you are a serious orchardist or perhaps a curious hobby gardener, the Home Orchard Society provides you with the best source of information and knowledge, mixed in the context of like-minded friendships, to make fruit growing an enriching experience.


Fruit tree planting

Information on fruit tree planting from "Concepts from Start to Finish".

By Steve Renquist

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News Story

Expert tips for growing kiwifruit

Apr 27, 2018
Hardy kiwifruit go through freezing weather better than the familiar fuzzy kiwifruit, so they are a good candidate for the home garden.

By Kym Pokorny

News Story

Pucker up, it’s time to talk lemons

Apr 20, 2018
With their fragrant flowers and sweet flavor, Meyer lemons are a popular citrus to grow in a pot.

By Kym Pokorny

News Story

When to pick and how to ripen pears to perfection

Oct 1, 2007
A freshly picked pear is probably not ready to eat.

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I have a small orchard, is it too soon to prune?

I have a small orchard of mostly dwarf pear, plum, peach, nectarine, apple. I'm wondering if it is too soon (1/24/18) to prune these trees given that we haven't had a significant frost/freeze yet? I usually prune around this time but am hesitant. The new buds are getting ready to pop it seems with...

By Ross Penhallegon