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Food Insecurity in Oregon and the U.S.: Uneven Recovery in the Midst of Overall Improvement (2014-2016)


Oregon recently experienced its largest single-year decline in food insecurity in the past 20 years. In last year’s national report, the USDA identified Oregon as the only state which had recently experienced a significant increase in food insecurity. However, the new 2014-2016 analysis shows the Oregon rate descending along with the rate for the whole country. Meanwhile, Oregon’s rate of very low food security (an indicator of deep food insecurity, sometimes called ‘hunger’) also declined from 6.6% to 6.2%.
2017 EFNEP Impact Sheet

EFNEP - 2017 Impact Report

Fact Sheet

Provides 2017 highlights and program impacts for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) in Oregon.
2017 Food Hero fact sheet

Food Hero 2017 Impact Report

Fact Sheet

Impact report for the Food Hero Social Marketing Campaign - 2017.
2017 SNAP-Ed fact sheet

SNAP-Ed 2017 Impact Report

Fact Sheet

Oregon SNAP-Ed impact report provides highlights and success stories for 2017.

School Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment Tool (SPAN-ET)

Online Resource

The School Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment Tool (SPAN-ET) was developed to assess school resources and readiness to improve nutrition and physical activity environments, suggest appropriate improvement strategies, and score impacts resulting from environmentally-based treatments. The assessment tool includes 27 Area of Interest items in physical activity and nutrition, and considers the physical, situational, and policy environment within each component.
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Online Resource

HEAL MAPPS™ is an award winning Extension Family & Community Health community engagement program. HEAL MAPPS™ helps communities document people’s experience related to supports and barriers for healthy eating and physical activity. We will provide your community with a MAPPS™ report to help facilitate and guide your community’s efforts for creating an environment that supports eating healthy and being physically active.
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Balanced Energy-Physical Activity (BEPA) Toolkit©

Online Resource

The Balanced Energy-Physical Activity (BEPA) Toolkit© integrates physical activity and nutrition concepts through education and activity. The toolkit provides educators with materials and activity ideas that can be used in and outside of the classroom and before, during, or after school..

Confluence, Fall/Winter 2017

OSU Sea Grant Publication

A newsletter covering selected Oregon Sea Grant research projects and activities.

The Relationship Between Seagrass, Nutrients, Algae and Herbivores

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Study investigating how nutrients from agricultural runoff and oceanic upwelling impact the growth of light-blocking algae on eelgrass in bays along the Oregon coast.

Using Oyster Shells to Decrease Acidic Seawater

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Researchers are investigating if oysters grow better when grown with empty shells which dissolve and emit calcium and carbonate into the water and potentially help fight ocean acidification.