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Feeding Small Grains to Swine

Small grains, such as barley, oats, rye, triticale, and wheat can be useful feedstuffs in swine feeding programs. In many instances, pigs fed well-balanced small grain-based diets can perform as well as those fed corn-based diets.

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Profitable Pork: Strategies for Hog Producers

Alternative Hog Production Systems, Environmental Benefits, Marketing Options for Pork, Community, Family and Lifestyle Benefits


Oregon Pork Producers Vaccination Recommendations

This article contains suggested vaccinations and health practices for pork producers in Oregon regardless of whether it is a commercial herd, small part time operation or a youth project.

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Is my pig too macho to eat?

We purchased three 7-week old feeder pigs on the last day of August 2015 and one of the pigs was a non-castrated boy. We have heard that non-castrated male pigs get to an age that their hormones mature and their meat is tainted, flavor wise? Is this true and if so, what age is too old to butcher a...

By Gene Pirelli