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Gene Pirelli

Ag./Livestock/Swine/Forage (Former)

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Selenium Fertilization of Pastures for Improved Forage Selenium Content

Mineral mixes commonly contain inorganic forms of Se that are poorly absorbed and utilized by ruminants compared with organic forms of Se. Another way to supply Se to livestock is through pasture plants. The enrichment of livestock feed crops with Se has been studied for many years in several countries. When inorganic Se is applied as fertilizer, plants convert it to the organic form, selenomethionine. This is absorbed by the animal and incorporated into tissues at a greater efficiency than inorganic forms.

Shelby Filley, Cassie Bouska, Gene Pirelli, Amy Peters, James Oldfield | Feb 2020 | Publication

Nutrient Management for Pastures: Western Oregon and Western Washington

Describes nutrient management practices for pastures to produce forage as a main feed source for western Oregon and Washington livestock.

Amber Moore, Gene Pirelli, Shelby Filley, Dan Sullivan, Melissa Fery | Jan 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Oregon Forage Library

The Oregon Forage Library is a collection of hay test results on hay grown around the state. An update to the library is currently in progress. It will contain hay test values found since this publication was written.

Mylen Bohle, Gene Pirelli, Willie Riggs, Shelby Filley, Diane Carrol, Mark Keller | Oct 2018 | Publication

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