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Basic Weed Science and Management

Weed biology and ecology, functional groups of weeds, and introduction to weed control strategies

By Pami Monnette, Chris Cornwell | Presentation

Managing Weeds

Weed identification, prevention, and management.

By Pami Monnette, | Presentation

Leaf Identification Key

Guide to identifying plants by leaf shape, margin, and venation.

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Roll up your sleeves: Invasive weeds need persistence to control

Feb 23, 2018
Invasive weeds enter backyards in multiple ways and once there can cause havoc.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

How to manage three common weeds in the vegetable garden

Jul 26, 2013
Knowing more about weeds can give gardeners a leg up in the fight, said Ed Peachey, weed specialist for the Oregon State University Extension Service.

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Is Crossbow a good choice for killing wild blackberries?

I can find lots of information on what Crossbow kills but no specific information on how it does it. I am trying to kill wild blackberries. My yard is in a condo development and is right next to my neighbor who does not like herbicides. She tells me that if I spray the blackberries that are next to...

By Kaci Buhl, | Featured Question