Cutting and Selling Trees

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Woodland Roots

Logs & Non-timber Forest Products: Prices and Trends in the Lane County Area


Tree School Clackamas teaches love for the land

Educational event draws hundreds from woodland community in Clackamas County and beyond.

By Glenn Ahrens, Rose Clarke, Michael Bondi, Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson | Article

Start Planning Early: Things to consider when selling trees from your property

Landowners may choose to cut trees on their property for many reasons. For some it’s the culmination of decades of planning and hard work to produce a valuable crop. For others it might be a liquidation of an asset to meet a sudden financial need. Still others might be undertaking a thinning operation to improve forest health, diversity, and habitat.
Whatever your reason is for selling trees, there are some key things to consider when managing a successful timber sale.

By Lauren Grand, | Article

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Finding a Logger

We are in farm forest area of Mt. Hood area. Would like to remove some trees on our property. How do we find a reputable logger to help us?

By Chal Landgren | Featured Question