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The future of Tree School: 2021 and beyond

As Glenn and I work on planning education programs for 2021, we recognize the continued need for virtual programing. This past March 20 we would have gathered again for Clackamas Tree School, but once again, it was not safe...

Amanda Brenner | Mar 2021 | Article

Ongoing recovery from wildfire and ice damage

As noted previously, OSU Extension is working with Oregon Small Woodlands Association, Oregon Department of Forestry, US Forest Service and other partners to assess the reforestation need, develop extra capacity to produce tree ...

Glenn Ahrens | Mar 2021 | Article

Tree School Online helps woodland owners during COVID-19

Tree School events were provided online in a series of 35 webinars hosted by OSU Extension in Clackamas County in collaboration with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute and the Oregon Partnership for Forestry Education.

Glenn Ahrens | Mar 2021 | Impact story

Reforestation After the Fire

This is the time of year when forest owners are really thinking about reforestation after a harvest. Under normal circumstances, planning your reforestation project can take a lot of effort. From where and when to source your ...

Amanda Brenner | Sep 2020 | Article

Survey results show revised OSU Woodland Stick satisfies majority of users

The Woodland Stick is a simple and cost-effective tool that forest landowners can easily use to obtain rough estimates of average tree size and wood volume on their properties.

Lauren Grand, Alicia Christiansen, Francisca Belart | Jun 2020 | Impact story

Lunch and Learn: The Oregon Forest Industry Directory - Getting connected with buyers, sellers, and service providers

Learn to use the Oregon Forest Industry Directory and connect with buyers, sellers, and service providers.

Scott Leavengood, Lauren Grand | May 2020 | Video

30 Years of Learning New Ways to Grow: Tree School 2020

Clackamas Tree School, set for March 21, 2020, would have marked our 30th anniversary. Since 1991, the Clackamas County Extension office has been organizing this forestry education event for anyone interested in learning about ...

Amanda Brenner, Glenn Ahrens | Apr 2020 | Article

Selling Logs from Your Property: A Curriculum Package for Educators in the Western U.S.

Selling logs is one of the most important decisions a landowner can face. This curriculum package for forestry educators brings together consulting foresters, log buyers and loggers to teach participants how to get a fair deal ...

Lauren Grand, Alicia Christiansen, Francisca Belart, Tamara Cushing | Apr 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

Tree Seedling Availability for 2020

Are you planning to plant trees in 2020? Availability of tree seedlings for reforestation and Christmas tree plantings are often limited. If you have not yet confirmed a supply of seedlings here are a few resources: Clackamas ...

Glenn Ahrens, Amanda Brenner | Jan 2020 | Article

Clackamas woodland farmer of the year 2019

Buser family Lazy B Timber Farm recognized as Clackamas Woodland Farmer of the year 2019

Glenn Ahrens | Jan 2020 | Article