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Life on the Dry Side Forestry Newsletter


Serving land managers and owners east of the Cascades.
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Portland Parks and Recreation's page on restoring the native habitat of Forest Park and other natural areas with efforts in removing invasive plants, youth development programs, environmental education, and community participation - promoting research, providing technical assistance, and seeking relevant societal changes.
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Reviewing Site Productivity Classifications for Forest Property Taxes: A Case Study


Statewide, timberland owners have gone through forest property tax law changes. The process alerted Marshall Kirby, Master Woodland Manager, to issues related to DOR (Dept. of Revenue) assigned forestland classes (also known as site class and forest class) for our timberlands.

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Tree Thinning for Health and Vigor


Many landowners ask about proper or optimum spacing when thinning trees.

By Max Bennett, Stephen Fitzgerald

Tall Timber Topics


A newsletter for those interested in Forestry, Woodland Management and Christmas Trees in Northwest Oregon.

What's killed my tree?


Are you one of the many woodland owners noticing continued signs of drought on your property? Drought impacts are complex; drought stressed trees become susceptible to insects and diseases that are naturally present (typically at low levels) in our woodlands. Take these four steps to help you identify what factors might be impacting your tree health.

By Norma Kline

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Planning a Timber Cruise and Using It


Timber cruising, in its simplest form, is an inventory of a forest stand to determine the quantity of forest products that can be derived.

Groundcone - Boschniakia strobilacea


What are those funny cone-like things sticking out of the ground?

By Max Bennett

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Thinning: An Important Forest Management Tool


Thinning is the term foresters apply to removal of some trees from a stand to give others more room (and resources) to grow. It is a tool for improving timber value, making sites more productive, and – perhaps most commonly, for keeping trees healthy.

By John Punches

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