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Planning and Implementing Cross-boundary, Landscape-scale Restoration and Wildfire Risk Reduction Projects

This guide describes the process the Klamath-Lake Forest Partnership (KLFHP) has used to plan and implement cross-boundary restoration projects to achieve improved forest health conditions on large landscapes scales. It is intended as a model other individuals and communities can modify to meet the...

By Dan Leavell

OSU Extension Catalog

Western Roots: Diving into a sagebrush sea of diversity

What may appear at first glance as a sea of sagebrush is in reality a complex and diverse ecosystem with a wide variety of plants and animals. The sagebrush steppe teems with life, but threats such as wildfire, grazing and invasive species are affecting the resilience of rangeland across the...

By Dustin Johnson, Vanessa Schroeder


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So many brown Doug-fir trees this year, what is the cause and is there a cure?

I have recently noticed many local Douglas firs turning brownish red (many needles dying), with some trees having entire limbs apparently dead or dying. I've seen this here in Corvallis, in the coast range, in the Portland area and in the Columbia Gorge; and I have seen it in young forest stands (20...