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Balancing weed control, fuels reduction, and wildlife

While it can be challenging to find the balance, there is much that we can do to meet our objectives for wildlife while controlling weeds and reducing fuels. Recent research at OSU can help us make informed decisions about some of the tradeoffs.

By Glenn Ahrens, | Article

Woodland Roots

Logs & Non-timber Forest Products: Prices and Trends in the Lane County Area


Extension Forestry in Marion County

A two-minute overview of the Extension Forestry and Natural Resources program.

By Mary Stewart, Michael Calcagno | Video

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Climate change anomaly intensifies Swiss needle cast in some Douglas-fir forests

Dec 18, 2018
The fungal disease reacts favorably to the wet, foggy environment on the west slope of the Oregon Coast Range.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Genetic behavior reveals cause of death in poplars essential to ecosystems, industry

Oct 25, 2018
Scientists studying the valuable, but vulnerable, black cottonwood poplar have identified the genetic mechanism responsible for the species’ inability to resist a pervasive and deadly disease.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Conifers – especially Doug-firs – are suffering from drought

Aug 31, 2018
Several dry, warm years are taking their toll on Oregon conifers.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

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So many brown Doug-fir trees this year, what is the cause and is there a cure?

I have recently noticed many local Douglas firs turning brownish red (many needles dying), with some trees having entire limbs apparently dead or dying. I've seen this here in Corvallis, in the coast range, in the Portland area and in the Columbia Gorge; and I have seen it in young forest stands (20...

By Jim Reeb | Featured Question