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West Coast forest landowners will plant less Douglas-fir in warming climate, model shows

Jul 30, 2019
West Coast forest landowners are expected to adapt to climate change by gradually switching from Douglas-fir to other types of trees such as hardwoods and ponderosa pine, according to a new Oregon State University study.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Creating habitat

Want to be a good neighbor to local wildlife? Check out these tips from a Conservation Specialist to take your "naturescaping" game to the next level!

By Rose Clarke, Jon Wagner | Article

Many forest insects are mistaken for tree killers

Found an insect in your tree? Chances are it's not a pest. Here's what to look for.

By Amy Grotta, | Article

Leaf Identification Key

Guide to identifying plants by leaf shape, margin, and venation.

Educational Document

Balancing weed control, fuels reduction, and wildlife

While it can be challenging to find the balance, there is much that we can do to meet our objectives for wildlife while controlling weeds and reducing fuels. Recent research at OSU can help us make informed decisions about some of the tradeoffs.

By Glenn Ahrens, | Article

Woodland Roots

Logs & Non-timber Forest Products: Prices and Trends in the Lane County Area


Extension Forestry in Marion County

A two-minute overview of the Extension Forestry and Natural Resources program.

By Mary Stewart, Michael Calcagno | Video

Needle and Woodland Compass

A free electronic newsletter, to receive useful information about taking care of your land, cost share opportunities, and timely announcements of upcoming events.


Tree School Clackamas teaches love for the land

Educational event draws hundreds from woodland community in Clackamas County and beyond.

By Glenn Ahrens, Rose Clarke, Michael Bondi, Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson | Article

Insect Pests in Forests

OSU Extension has a dedicated resource area for Forest, Woodland, and Rangeland Health and Management Resources. We provide a few of them here in this section as a convenience for people who may be seeking Insect Management tips for varied ecosystems and landscapes.