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Lynn Ketchum
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So many brown Doug-fir trees this year, what is the cause and is there a cure?

I have recently noticed many local Douglas firs turning brownish red (many needles dying), with some trees having entire limbs apparently dead or dying. I've seen this here in Corvallis, in the coast range, in the Portland area and in the Columbia Gorge; and I have seen it in young forest stands (20...

By Jim Reeb | Featured Question

Yellow needles, need I fear?

We have a young pine tree that has yellow splotches on its needles. I am enclosing a photo of the tree. I read the article about the Douglas Fir Needle Midge and I fear that may be the problem. I would like your thoughts.

By Stephen Fitzgerald | Featured Question

Paul Bunyan size?

I have a western hemlock on my property that is over 25 feet around at the trunk. I have never seen one larger. Could this be an Oregon record??

By Jim Reeb | Featured Question

Woodland Management

Hi! My father purchased a second home that has a forest deferral. We want to improve the forest, but don't know where or how to start. Might even need help getting an analysis of the property/forest conditions. We also, just this weekend, discovered the ponds have two Western Pond Turtles, and we...

By Amy Grotta | Featured Question