Collection consisting of informational documents about lawn care in Central Oregon.

Water-Wise Gardening Series: Bend Water-Wise Irrigation Guide

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Lawn Watering Guide for Eastern Oregon


During the summer, nearly half of all residential water in Oregon is used to irrigate landscape areas around homes. A significant reduction in water use can occur by using efficient water ways to maintain our lawns and gardens. The Lawn Watering Guide offers suggestions to gain efficiency while maintaining an attractive lawn

By Mary Corp

PPS References and links

Online Resource

All References and Hyperlinks for each Plant Problem Scenario. Each scenario is followed by the direct hyperlink(s) to the reference.

How long will my grass clippings be toxic?

Featured Question

Once or twice a summer I treat my lawn with weed & feed and spray on weed killer for lawns. Is it safe to use compost made from the lawn clippings? How long should I reasonably wait to use clippings for compost, and is it safe to use the compost in my vegie garden the following summer?

By Linda Brewer

Lawn Care

Fact Sheet

A brief publication about lawn care including, mowing, fertilizing, and watering.

Managing Moss in Lawns in Western Oregon

OSU Extension Catalog

This video demonstrates how to identify and eliminate moss from your lawn. It is a companion to OSU Extension publication EM 9175. View it now

By Brooke Edmunds, Alec Kowalewski

Managing Moss in Lawns in Western Oregon

OSU Extension Catalog

The mild, wet winters in western Oregon encourage the growth of lawn mosses. This publication describes the factors that contribute to this growth and provides tips for reducing problems. It is a companion to OSU Extension video EM 9176.

By Brooke Edmunds, Alec Kowalewski

El mantenimiento práctico del césped en el oeste de Oregon

OSU Extension Catalog

Esta publicación describe opciones para varios niveles de mantenimiento del césped—desde las prácticas necesarias para mantener un césped densa y verde durante todo el año hasta los cuidados limitados de un césped que se torne color café en el verano. Trata los temas del corte, el riego, la...

By Alec Kowalewski

Conserving Water in the Garden

OSU Extension Catalog

When water supplies are restricted, you can keep your landscape healthy by developing water priorities, applying water efficiently, and modifying your maintenance practices.This publication is available as a PDF and as an eBookLearn more about downloading OSU Extension eBooks.After downloading and...

By Brooke Edmunds

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