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10-step guide to installing pavers

Nov 2019
Whether you plan to install brick, concrete or stone pathway, the following paving installation steps should help.


How can I naturally kill dandelions?

Oct 2019
Is there a solution I can spray on dandelions instead of pulling them up? Not Roundup.... does vinegar, dawn soap and Epson salts work? Or is there a better one?

By Anne Schmidt | Featured Question

Retired Extension agent, turning 100, reflects on career

Oct 30, 2019
Steve Besse spent one-quarter of his life, 25 years, working for Oregon State University’s College of Agriculture, and most of it in Extension.

By Mitch Lies | News Story

OSU researchers present findings at Turf Field Day

Oct 10, 2019
OSU Extension researchers presented field trial results on fine fescues and annual bluegrass at Turf Field Day.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Can I turn dirt into lawn by spring, is that possible?

Sep 2019
We are finally moving into our new home. Due to construction issues (lack of water and vehicle damage) most of the grass has died back and there are areas of just dirt. 1. Is there any variety of grass that I can plant now that will grow in the winter? 2. What would be the best material to cover bare areas during the rainy season to mitigate mud. We have dogs.

By Alec Kowalewski | Featured Question

Klamath Basin Horticulture

Articles related to horticulture in the Klamath Basin


Lawns Presentation

Mar 2018
Primary Cultural Practices, Cultivation and inter-seeding, Management of False dandelion and White clover

By Alec Kowalewski | Presentation

What's a pet-safe way to kill moss in my lawn?

Mar 2019
My lawn has been taken over by moss this winter, and I am wondering if there is a pet-safe moss killer on the market that won't kill my grass also? I have read your materials on moss control, and I plan to utilize this information to maintain a healthier lawn, but I need to get rid of the moss first.

By Kaci Buhl | Featured Question

A look back on a year of gardening stories

Jan 12, 2019
A story about yellowjackets topped the most-popular list.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

10 gift ideas for the gardeners in your life

Dec 7, 2018
From pruners to compost, here are some ideas to satisfy the plant nerds on your list.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story