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Primary Cultural Practices, Cultivation and inter-seeding, Management of False dandelion and White clover

By Alec Kowalewski, | Presentation

What's a pet-safe way to kill moss in my lawn?

My lawn has been taken over by moss this winter, and I am wondering if there is a pet-safe moss killer on the market that won't kill my grass also? I have read your materials on moss control, and I plan to utilize this information to maintain a healthier lawn, but I need to get rid of the moss first...

By Kaci Buhl, | Featured Question

A look back on a year of gardening stories

Jan 12, 2019
A story about yellowjackets topped the most-popular list.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

10 gift ideas for the gardeners in your life

Dec 7, 2018
From pruners to compost, here are some ideas to satisfy the plant nerds on your list.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Controlling crabgrass, Bermuda grass, and nutsedge in your lawn

Presentation on controlling crabgrass, Bermuda grass, and nutsedge in your lawn

By Don Horneck | Presentation

Turfgrasses and Lawn Care in Eastern Oregon

Today, turfgrass is the single largest irrigated crop in the United States and covers three times the land area of any other cultivated crop. An estimated 40.5 million acres of grasses are planted in residential, commercial and institutional lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields. Learn more about the structure and establishment of turfgrass and how to address weeds, diseases, and insects.

By Richard Smiley, | Article

Will liming help my lawn?

I live in Portland and I moved into a house in 2016 that was built in 2012. The previous owners had two large dogs that really left some large bare spots in the lawn. I have been working hard to get it into shape. I try to weed and feed the lawn twice a year. I also over seed the bare spots in the...

By Jacki Dougan | Featured Question

As Labor Day creeps up, think about spiffing up lawn

Aug 10, 2018
Grass can look harsh after a hot summer, but there's plenty of time this fall to rejuvenate it.

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Turfgrass Maintenance Calendar for Eastern Oregon

This calendar is offered as a general guide to know when and how to manage a lawn in Central Oregon.

By Amy Jo Detweiler, Tom Cook, John Whisler, David Wienke | Fact Sheet