Berries, Table Grapes, and Kiwifruit

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Berry Crop Production Systems & Breeding - Bernadine Strik


A collection of Bernadine Strik's works relating to berry crop production systems and breeding. Includes documents on blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, caneberries, table-grapes, and kiwifruit cultivars.

By Bernadine Strik, Amanda Vance, Patrick Jones

crates of blackberries and raspberries.

USDA-ARS & OSU Cooperative Breeding Program: NWREC Trials


Evaluation of Advanced Selections for Commercial Potential in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon has a diverse, economically important berry crop industry with about 23,000 acres harvested for a farm gate...

By Bernadine Strik

An Integrated Pest Management Strategic Plan for Oregon and Washington Cranberries

OSU Extension Catalog

This publication, produced by growers, commodity group representatives, processors, university specialists, and other technical experts from the cranberry industry in Oregon and Washington, outlines major pests, current management practices, critical needs, activity timetables, and efficacy ratings...

By Cassie Bouska, Paul Jepson, Katie Murray

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program


Online Resource

University of California' official guidelines for managing pests with environmentally sound methods.

Organic soil amendments and mulches for blueberry: the good, the bad, and the ugly


This paper discusses the details of compost analysis and its interpretation.

By Dan Sullivan

Blueberry viruses in the Pacific Northwest and suggestions for their management


The goal of this article is to provide a review of the viruses of blueberry that have been reported in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and highlight those of major concern in the region. Blueberry scorch virus, Blueberry shock virus, Tomato ringspot virus, Blueberry fruit drop associated virus and Blueberry mosaic associated virus are the major viruses that will be discussed.

Blueberry plant physiology


Why it’s important to understand the plant to manage it well

By Bernadine Strik

Pesticide Registrations in Oregon Raspberries and Blackberries

Educational Document

This document is just a guide and not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of the pesticides listed within. Pesticide registrations and labels are subject to change. Consult with your supplier, field representative, pest consultant or OSU Extension Service prior to pesticide use.

By Joe DeFrancesco

Blueberry irrigation scheduling: When, where, and how much?

Educational Document

Irrigation scheduling, a key element of proper water management, is the accurate forecasting of water application (amount and timing) for optimal crop production (yield and fruit quality). The goal is to apply the correct amount of water at the right time to minimize irrigation costs and maximize crop production and economic return.

Blackberries: Friend or Foe?


The blackberry is a delicious fruit and an important sources of food and cover for many birds and mammals. It is a hardy relative of the rose. However, many specious plants are considered noxious weeds. A single cane can develop into a six square yard thicket in less than two years quickly overtaking any area you have for planting.

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