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Food pantries receive fresh blueberry donation during pandemic

Pantry coordinators reported that the berries “flew off the shelves,” and many grateful recipients said it was the first time during the season that they were able to take berries home to share with their families.

Bernadine Strik, Kelly Streit, Dani Lightle, Amanda Davis | Apr 2021 | Impact story

OSU fertilization research shows savings for berry growers

. With targeted research, Oregon State University Extension Service and the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station responded by providing growers with information on better nutrient management of those crops.

Bernadine Strik | Mar 2021 | Impact story

Growing Kiwifruit: A Guide to Kiwiberries and Fuzzy Kiwifruit for Pacific Northwest Producers

Oregon is a leading producer of kiwiberries, also known as hardy kiwifruit. Learn what cultivars work best for commercial production, and study research-based techniques for site selection, planting, maintenance, harvest and storage. ...

Bernadine Strik, Amanda Davis | Mar 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

Innovative harvesting system could be a game-changer for the blueberry industry

Called a soft catch system, the mechanism boasts a soft surface for catching the delicate berries in contrast to the hard polycarbonate surface of traditional over-the-row machines.

Kym Pokorny | Feb 17, 2021 | News story

Nonlethal Bird Deterrent Strategies: Methods for reducing fruit crop losses in Oregon

Bird predation is a significant threat to marketable yields in fruit crops. Loss estimates are about 10% to 20% in blueberries, 5% to 30% in cherries, and 5% to 10% in grapes. However, some vineyard sites have reported up ...

Scott Lukas, Amanda Davis, Dana Sanchez, Linda Brewer | Sep 2020 | OSU Extension Catalog

Can I grow strawberries from seed?

Q: Is it possible to grow Seascape strawberries from their seeds?

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Introducción a la Seguridad de los alimentos y microorganismos quelos contaminan

Este video presenta el concepto de patógenos transmitidos por los alimentos y los tres grupos principales: bacterias, virus y parásitos. También se discuten las fuentes, la propagación y la reproducción de estos patógenos. ...

Jun 2020 | Video

Limpieza de los contenedores/recipientes para la cosecha

Este video se enfoca en los contenedores de cosecha y las mejores prácticas para evitar contaminar los productos agrícolas frescos. Se destaca el monitoreo, el almacenamiento, la limpieza y la desinfección de los contenedores de cosecha.

Jun 2020 | Video

High Speed Hand Washing - Adult Workplace/COVID-19 Mini-Poster, color bilingual

Adult Workplace/COVID-19 Mini-Poster, color, bilingual.

Lauren Kraemer, Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet