Bees and pollinators

Photo Credit: Alyson Yates (Cropped from original)

The way we garden and manage landscapes can help attract bees and other pollinators. Learn how to improve the health of pollinators. And discover beekeeping resources. This information is relevant for homeowners, gardeners, landscape professionals, producers, and commercial and backyard beekeepers.

Photo Credit: CL-Medien - Adobe Stock (Cropped from original)
Credit: Amy Lynn Grover (Cropped from original)
Photo Credit: Alyson Yates (Cropped from original)

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Community Horticulture, Master Gardeners

Contact me about the Master Gardener Program or gardening questions from Marion or Polk counties

Pollinator Health Extension Specialist, Pollinator Ecology/Ecotoxicology

Contact me with questions on wild and managed solitary bees (e.g., mason bees), pesticides and bees and planting for bees (honey bee questions should go to Ramesh Sagili)

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Honeybees Biological Sciences Assistant

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