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Oregon Bee Atlas

Although we estimate there are 500 species of bees in Oregon, there has never been a concerted survey of the state’s bees. Without even a checklist of species, it is very difficult to know whether the health of Oregon ...


Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

Are you curious about bees and how to keep them? Are you interested in learning how to become a better beekeeper? Do you want to help others learn about bees? Bee informed with the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program! ...


Pollinator Steward Program

Do you want to help pollinators on your farm, managed forest, rangeland, golf-course or community garden? Are you looking for practical training on how to build, maintain and establish pollinator habitat?


Women Owning Woodlands Network

The Women Owning Woodlands Network (WOWNet) is a diverse, enthusiastic, group of women who are interested in woodland management. WOWNet allows women to come together to learn about forest management, share their forestry and ...